TikToker @thatenglishmanintexas posted a short clip of himself trying out two different dueling kolache spots in West, Texas that are said to have the very best kolaches.

Both bakeries are located across from one another and appear to have customers lined up waiting for those tasty baked treats. They must be epic. Locals all have an opinion on which place is better but the best way to find it is to give them both a shot, and that's exactly what he did.

Czech Stop is located at Exit 353 off of I-35 in West, Texas, and has a huge bakery menu. If you take a quick peek at their menu online, you'll find dozens of really yummy-looking treats -- from kolaches to cookies to lemon bars and muffins. I've never been there, but I might have to stop by the next time I'm on the road.

The other spot that's said to be famous for kolaches is Slovacek's. Apparently, people are really serious about who has the better kolaches between these two restaurants. According to their website, they're located at 214 Melodie Drive in West, Texas, and are incredibly close to the other local favorite. They've also got a huge menu with similar items.

That kind of competition sounds pretty fierce and I'm pretty much drooling now after looking through the menus. Lord, help me.

As far as Lubbock is concerned, I think the best kolaches are from Woody's. We sampled a couple of them at the station when they started serving breakfast and they were totally different from any that we had had before. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

Watch the TikTok below, and comment on our Facebook page if you have a favorite place to get kolaches. We could always use more.

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