Erik DeRoo, the director of player development at Texas Tech University, has over 70,000 followers and 3.5 million likes on TikTok for his content focused around giving tips and providing info on what recruiters look for in D1 athletes.

The videos DeRoo makes are incredibly valuable to any prospective college athletes that want to know how to stand out to recruiters. He covers everything from having good grades to getting in the gym and more. The content that’s especially helpful is the specific videos he makes for each position on the team and what colleges are looking for from those positions.

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For example, he has a series covering the top three things recruiters look for in each position as well as things they don’t want to see when evaluating a potential new player.

He also talks about what are major red flags to a recruiter and what might be the reason colleges don’t want you on their team.

Along with these educational videos to help young athletes reach their goals, he also shows some love for the amazing school he works for.

If you’re a high school basketball player wanting to continue playing in college or you know someone that is, then DeRoo is an amazing person to follow. He knows what he’s talking about and he specifically makes these videos hoping that aspiring athletes will find them and help guide them to reaching their dreams.

Check out his TikTok account for more videos that can help you play for the college of your dreams.

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