The end of this month marks the beginning of a new chapter in many young adult’s lives. People all over are starting their college journey, and it can be a bit daunting.

As someone that recently graduated from Texas Tech with their undergrad, and is returning this fall to start grad school, there are a few things I’ve learned during my time as a student. I understand how scary it can be to start school in a new place surrounded by new people, so I figured I’d compile some of my best tips to hopefully ease your nerves about starting school at Texas Tech.

Keep scrolling for the 5 tips I believe every new college student should hear.

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#1 Talk To the Students Around You

As scary or silly as it might seem, sparking a conversation with the students around you in class, in the student union building, or in your dorm, can really improve your college experience. You might hit it off and have a lot in common, leading to a study buddy or even a new friend. I will admit, not everyone will be friendly or want to become besties, but you’d be surprised how many people want to connect with those around them but are too nervous to speak up. I made some amazing friends just by sparking a conversation with the person sitting next to me before class started.

#2 Attend School Events

Texas Tech wants to do everything in their power to help their students feel at home and enjoy their college experience. This means that they are always hosting a variety of events for students full of fun activities, and lots of free goodies. Whether its an ice cream social, a spirit rally, or football game, be sure to take advantage of all the events around campus. You can even invite the new friend you made by following my first tip to extend those friendships outside of the class or dorm.

#3 Connect With Your Teachers

Something that will not only help you academically, but will also help you post-graduation, is connecting with your professors. Whether you introduce yourself after class, send them and email to talk about their research, or anything else, they will be happy you reached out. This not only makes it easier to contact them about classes, but also provides networking that will benefit you when the time comes to look for jobs. A letter of recommendation from a professor that knows you not just as a student, but as an individual, is incredibly valuable.

#4 Join a Club/Organization

Joining a club or organization is something that not only helps you socially, helps with networking and building your resume, but is also a lot of fun. There are so many organizations you can get involved with around Tech no matter your interests. You can be apart of programs like Raider Vision or KTXT to help build your broadcasting skills, you can join social organizations like Rise, or you can join groups simply for fun like the ballroom dance team or K-pop club. No matter what, you can meet new people, make more friends, and get experience in your field that will help you in the future. Without my time spent with the student run radio station KTXT, along with my degree, I probably wouldn’t be here writing for you today.

#5 Set a Schedule

This one seems pretty self explanatory, but I have to include it. Finding a way to schedule out your days in a way that works for you is so important. Whether its by having a physical planner, a digital calendar, or setting reminders on your phone, you have to do your best to stay organized and on top of your school work. Obviously, college is a lot of fun and you want to go to all those events Tech hosts, but if you forgot you had an essay due that night, you’ll be stuck rushing that assignment rather than doing the fun stuff you wanted to do. So, stay on top of your assignments, don’t rely on your professors to remind you when things are due, and set aside time to study. If you do all that, then you will have plenty of time to do all the fun things you want, without stressing over due dates.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Be You

No matter what, stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone make you think you have to change to fit their standards. There are the right people out there who will appreciate you for who you truly are and not who you think you should be.

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