A lot of people have relatives visiting right now. They're family, but you don't want to push the limits. So where do you go?

You know how it is. Your aunt, who's a few years older, or your cousin who's kinda straight-laced, come to town. You don't want to take them to the places you and your punk friends hang out, so where would you take them to entertain them? I have some ideas for you.

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    The Buddy Holly Statue

    This one is kind of obvious, but folks get pretty pumped to see it. They also will enjoy the plaques of some other West Texans and the McCartney Oak. If the people are really cool, run them by 108 East Broadway for a photo with Stubbs. They may not know who he is, but a photo of a guy with a plate of barbeque is always fun.

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    Henry Huneke Park

    The park over on 82nd just shy of Quaker Ave. is notable for two things: the War Veterans Memorial, and the Willie McCool statue. They're nearly on opposite sides of a huge playa lake, so it'll walk some of the energy out of your guests.

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    Legacy Play Village

    I'm throwing this one in there in case your relative has kids. Kids love this place and it'll wear them down quick. This park was a really creative build, and the last time I visited they were keeping the place up really well. There's even an area for a shaded picnic if you get there at the right time. The park is located at 6401 Marsha Sharp Freeway.

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    The Ranching Heritage Center

    I'm not much of an "old west" kind of guy, but I can tell you that this place is pretty fascinating. There are lots of photo ops in front of cool old houses and even by a train. It's a real 'Lubbock' kind of place, and you get a real sense of history walking around the different houses. It can be found at 3121 4th St. in the Museum of Texas Tech University.

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    Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe

    I wanted this list to be as wholesome as possible, so this little neighborhood ice cream shop/soda fountain is the perfect place to take folks when you're looking for a place to cool down on a hot West Texas day. I just discovered this place at 3404 34th St. myself, and I'm pretty pumped to go back.

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