Tom Brady and the New England Patriots played the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 11. After the Cowboys lost 30-6, moving their record to 2-3 with 3 straight losses, Tom Brady met with an injured Tony Romo on the field.

Brady told Romo, "Good luck, man. Hope you feel better."

In response, Romo countered, "See you in February."

Of course, Romo was saying that the Cowboys would be seeing the Patriots in February for Super Bowl 50.

Tony Romo still believes.

After the first half of the Patriots game, I think I might believe, too. The defense was rejuvenated with Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain...until they ran out of steam, anyway. They will get that endurance back, and they will only continue getting sacks like the five sacks they got in the first half against the patriots.

Randy Gregory gets back after the bye week this week.

Brandon Weeden has been starting since the Philadelphia game on Sept. 20. After the bye week, Matt Cassel will be the new interim quarterback. That's not going to be an incredible upgrade from Weeden, but I hope it at least provides an offensive spark.

The Cowboys have 11 games left. I think they can win seven of them and be in the playoffs with a 9-7 record. That might be good enough to win the division, and once Tony and Dez Bryant return, who knows what could happen.

Tony believes, and so do I. See you in February, Tom.

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