NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow has drawn fire in the past from for his outspoken Christian faith, but now the latest criticism comes from the same team, so to speak.

Tebow, New York Jets backup Quarterback, was criticized by Dr. Robert Jeffress for backing out of his commitment to speak at First Baptist Church of Dallas on April 28th. Jeffress is the head pastor at FBC-Dallas.

Jeffress said on Sunday to CBS New York,

I am grateful for men of God like these who are willing to stand up and act like men rather than wimping out when it gets a little controversial and an inconvenient thing to stand for the truth.”

Jeffress made the comments on Sunday to his congregation.

This isn’t the first time Jeffress has been in the news for his comments. Jeffress has made controversial comments about homosexuality, world religions, and saying the re-election of President Barack Obama would bring rise to the anti-Christ.

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