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Nothing feels better than cracking open your favorite cold drink and enjoying it on a hot summer day. The only issue is that cracking open a cold one can turn really bad really fast and end up souring your mood.

One of the biggest things that you have to deal with on a hot day are all the bugs getting up in your business. Mosquitos are looking for a snack, bees are buzzing, and flies are trying to get their grubby little hands on the mouth of your can. All the bugs either leave you with a ruined drink because one of them decided to make your can their new home, or you end up knocking it over while swatting the little buggers away. Either way, your drink is ruined and you're most likely bummed about it.

Ladies also understand the struggle of trying to open up a can with a fresh manicure and not wanting to risk chipped polish, or even worse, a broken nail. If a tab is particularly tricky, we usually just pass the can off to someone else to open or we jam something under the tab to pry it open. If you do attempt to pry it open with a nail, you’ll most likely end up in pain or severely bummed with a broken nail and an unopened drink.

Whether it's bugs or broken nails, there's a tool that recently went viral on TikTok that can held solve these problems. CanMates makes specialty can ‘caps’ with the goal of having safe cans and happy drinkers.

The CanMates Caps slide right onto any can’s tab, giving you extra leverage to open your drink. It's also designed to cover the opening of the can so you can avoid getting anything unwanted into your drink or spilling it if knocked around.

Along with the caps, they also have can covers that look like popular sodas. These were designed to make beer cans look like soda so you can disguise your drink whenever you need to. The covers also pair perfectly with the caps.

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