Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the greatest mugshot you may ever see.

Our amigo Carlos has a bit of an issue with the sauce and had to sleep off a bad night this past week in Amarillo. After being charged with public intoxication, his mugshot and info was posted to the Randall County Mugshots Facebook page. Not only did he have a mugshot that's one for the ages with a face that looks like Seth Rogen and Jim from Taxi had a love child, but there was also a true WTF moment when they listed a couple of verrrrry interesting aliases.

Facebook: Randall County Mugshots
Facebook: Randall County Mugshots

Wait... (heads to the internet and googles "Faplord"...


Dude calls himself...."Faplord"???



You got it, child. In addition to calling himself "Commaderlos," which I believe means "one who is not allowed within 100 yards of a school," his other noted alias is "Faplord," which, I would assume, means pretty much exactly what it says.

The first question is, did he give himself this nickname? Or is it something that was, ahem... handed to him.

I'll just show myself out.

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As if the mugshot and aliases weren't incredible enough, as usual, the Facebook comments section swung into action and did not disappoint.

For the full effect, click here or the link above, especially for the GIF comments, as they're priceless. Here is a random cross-section:

"Me when I check my bank account on Monday."

"WTF! The face you make when the internet is down & FAPLORD can’t play World of Warcraft!"

"Best mugshot ever"

"The face you make when you’ve been up 36 hours playing Pokémon and your mom comes in and turns the tv off."

"alias Fap lord lmao"

"He’s looking like Dave Franco in Jump Street. 'I can’t go to prison. You know what happens to guys like me?! It rhymes with grape'"

"He ate a spicy meat-ta ball!!!"

Annnnd, it goes on like that, with lots of folks poking fun at Carlos' unfortunate alias.

Godspeed, Faplord.

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