The explosive 'Walking Dead' mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" still feels fresh in our minds, but there's no way we can wait until February for all-new episodes! Thankfully, AMC isn't quite as cruel as the Governor, and issued two sneak peeks of "The Suicide King" to tide us over for the long, bitter months that follow. Will Merle and Daryl be able to make it out of Woodbury alive? What's next for Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and our new band of survivors? Fresh sneak peeks inside!

Seriously, how cool was last night's 'The Walking Dead' mid-season finale "Made to Suffer?" Not only did Woodbury and the prison finally meet in a literal bang, but a number of other comic characters arrived at the prison, and the Governor showed his true villainous self. So what's next for 'The Walking Dead' when it returns in February with "The Suicide King?"

The first clip from February's all-new episode picks up right were we left off, with Daryl and Merle in the Woodbury arena, as the crowd chants for their demise. Andrea attempts to interject, but will the Governor hear her pleas? Has the villain completely snapped after the "death" of his daughter Penny?

Secondly, what of Tyreese and the other new survivors, Sasha, Allen and Ben?  Will they be able to integrate into the prison, or will they have an agenda of their own? Check out the latest clips from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 below, and give us your predictions for the rest of the season in the comments!

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