Wow, guys.

A Lubbock resident has been the victim of the favorite local pastime, driving cars into houses, twice. That's right. Twice. Two times. More than once. Someone's house was hit by a reckless driver on two separate occasions within months of each other.

Repairs had not even been completed on the first crash scene when the second car plowed into the opposite side of the house. What kind of luck is that?

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According to a neighbor, the family was out of town when the first crash occurred, which was lucky because the car ended up in their daughter's bedroom. Luckily, this new car picked a different spot to land. Luckily? Was it lucky?


What do you do when your house is driven into twice in a matter of months? Do you simply chalk it up to a strange coincidence? Or do you pick up everything and move out? I've felt hyper-aware of cars running into homes ever since my neighbor's home was destroyed. I've battled with the location we chose to live in and whether or not it's as safe as I once believed.

I feel so horrible for this family. I imagine a traumatic event like that could be scarring, and I hope they had really good home insurance that covered the damages. There is not a GoFundMe set up for them at this time.

I'd ask everyone to please be aware of your surroundings, don't drive drunk, and stay off of the phone. You never know when you might be the victim of something like this. It could even happen to you twice.

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