The Texas Rangers are notorious for making ridiculous food items to serve at their baseball games. Most of it is inspired by the fantastically weird fried food obsession of the State Fair in Texas. In fact, two of the menu items I want to highlight belong to the 'State Fare' vendor stand in Section 41.

The wild food around baseball parks isn't new but the first crazy thing I remember at Rangers games is the notorious 'Boomstick' that originated when Nelson Cruz was hitting home runs and aimlessly roaming right field. The Boomstick is still around but it's been overshadowed by the delicacies on demand in 2018.

1. The Triple B
The Triple B is a delicious sounding sandwich with all of the best meats that begin with B. Bacon, brisket and bologna. This isn't your momma's bologna either. It's thick cut and artisanal. I don't really know if it's artisanal but it is thick cut which is always better.

2. The 7th Inning Cinnamon Roll

Just imagine if you took a honey bun, put it on a stick and then dipped it in beignet batter and deep fried it.

3 The Dilly Dog

A hollowed-out pickle is stuffed with a jumbo hot dog, then battered and fried like a corndog. I couldn't imagine a better combination of words to put together to make a sentence. Crack open a Bud Light and make it the Dilly Dilly Dilly Dog.

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