Fans that have longed for the days of a new college football game should start to get excited, while XBOX fans will finally get to play one of the best sports video game series.

It has been a crazy week for fans of sports video games. Two announcements were made by separate companies that have somehow brought the entire world together.

We have been starved without a college football game since 2014, and apparently, now that is all changing again. EA Sports released NCAA Football 14 on July 9, 2013, for XBOX 360 and PS3. That became the final NCAA Football game to be made with issues over the use of player likenesses.

EA Sports dropped a bombshell on Tuesday (February 2) announcing that a college football video game is back. EA Sports will produce a college football game that will be released on the next generation XBOX and PS5 consoles.

Important to note, the title of the game appears to be EA Sports College Football and has no mention of the NCAA. ESPN reports that EA Sports has partnered up with CLC, a collegiate licensing company, that will help the game include everything that you would hope for in the college game and that it appears that this will all take place outside of the NCAA umbrella.

As of now, there is no timetable as to when EA Sports College Football will be released.

If that wasn't enough, XBOX fans received the news that they have been wishing for. Playstation will finally bring its critically acclaimed series MLB The Show to XBOX for the first time with MLB The Show 21. This will become the first baseball simulation video game for the XBOX since the MLB 2K series from the early 2010s.

MLB The Show has confirmed that the game will include cross-platform gaming meaning that Playstation users will be able to play online against XBOX users.

A new era of sports video games appears to be on the horizon, and I know I'm excited about it all! I've leaned towards owning a Playstation mostly due to the ability to have The Show. EA Sports bringing back a college football game is exciting as it's felt overdue for many, many years. This all confirms that I'll end up buying a next-generation console.

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