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Good news for all of those who believe the largest Buc-ee's location should be in Texas, which should be just about everyone since Texas is large and the best.

In 2021, Buc-ee's announced they would build a massive location near Sevierville, Tennessee. At that time, it was set to be the largest Buc-ee's location in the United States, beating out the company's 66,000-square foot store in New Braunfels, Texas.

In April 2022, it was announced that Buc-ee's was looking to build along I-35 possibly in or near Hillsboro. We reported that that store would tie the new Tennessee store's record-setting 74,000 square feet.

On Wednesday, Buc-ee's announced their next giant location is coming to a tiny town. Sorry Lubbock, once again you aren't getting a Buc-ee's. Instead, the town of Luling, Texas (population: 5,850) will have a brand new Buc-ee's that is actually going to replace the existing, smaller location that's right across the street.

The new Buc-ee's will be 75,000 square feet, making it the largest one ever built -- so far, at least. This location will boast 120 fuel stations, clean bathrooms and all the usual Buc-ee's favorites.

According to KXAN, this location in Luling holds a special spot to the company:

Luling holds a special place for Buc-ee’s. The city was home to the brand’s first family travel center in 2003. The new Buc-ee’s Luling will continue that location’s pioneering history.

“Twenty years ago, Beaver and Don had the gumption to change the industry by building the first Buc-ee’s Family Travel Center in Luling,” said Stan Beard of Buc-ee’s. “Since that time, Buc-ee’s has grown into an iconic Texas brand that now shares our Texas pride with new stores throughout the Southeast and West.

While the new Buc-ee's isn't here in Lubbock, at least the claim of having the largest Buc-ee's will remain in Texas. At least for now. Who knows? Buc-ee's could end up building a giant location in Florida or Alabama at this point.

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