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Lubbock's Woody's Brick Oven Pizza and Grill has now opened the highly-anticipated Woody's Popper House at 4416 50th Street, and folks are lining up in a big way for this very special menu.

Originally anticipated to open in mid-July, we're thrilled to see that they're now busy making those extra special poppers on their big grill and business is booming. Who knew this was going to take off quite like this?!

When I stopped in to take pictures, they were working diligently to fill orders and demand was through the roof. Being too popular is a pretty awesome problem to have, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woody's Popper House is going to expand its grilling capabilities to serve more specialty poppers. Here's what the eatery shared on Facebook in response to the public's overwhelming demand for poppers:

Let me explain our business concept. We are a popper house 1st of its kind. A new concept no one has ever tried. (Btw we did the same with the Chicago style pizza concept here in lubbock) We start off with 50 of each kind of popper. We start at 9am cooking them. Currently we can only cook 250 at a time. We smoke cook them so each batch takes an hour or so. We hope by the time we open we will have 50 of each style to sell. These are hand cut, gutted, stuffed, and wrapped each night before we open. We have realized in our 4 days of being open...we need a bigger smoker and to make more poppers. As you all know these are time and labor consuming to make. So until we figure out a bigger smoker and better operation to produce more. We will be cooking 180 regular ones and 75 of the speciality ones for the day. We have combo specials now. Call in and online orders are encouraged. Give us a month and we will figure out the operational flow. Thank you lubbock for selling us out 4 days in a row by 2pm each day.

You can visit their official Facebook page for more info. Their hours are 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., Sunday through Friday, or until they sell-out. The phone number is (806) 368-9730.

Check out our photo gallery of this original concept takeout eatery.

Woody's Popper House Opens in Lubbock

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