Bruce Feldman officially joined CBS Sports today after what was a tumultuous summer for him and his

former employer ESPN. If you recall, Feldman was suspended by the four-letter network for his work on the Mike Leach book Swing Your Sword. Feldman joined 1340 The Fan show host Dan Patrick and was frank about Craig James and ESPN.

Feldman's former employer has had a history of brushing those aside on their network that dare be honest and speak their mind (Rush Limbaugh on NFL Countdown ring a bell?). More will come out about this the network in Bristol, CT have become a parody of themselves and a part of too many sports stories. They will have to account for their deeds one way or another and when they fall, it will be hard and much needed.

Speaking of falling hard, you may go now Big 12 Conference.

University of Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds told the Associated Press Thursday that Texas A&M had a chance to join the Longhorn Network, but declined early on in the process.


Thanks for this propaganda, Deloss. I'm sure Dan Beebe had the day off as your valet for all of his swindling of the Big 12-2-1 Conference lately.

I'm sure Gaddafi has offered to share joint leadership of Libya too. Dodds telling this to the AP is nothing more than a little child having to deal with the consequences of his own selfishness and blaming his brother for not being selfish too.

"I told him he could take the toys too, daddy! Its not my fault he said no."