The Buddy Holly Summer Showcase comes to a close this week and they have quite the act to bring the summer to an end. Nik Parr and the Selfless Lovers will close out the summer showcase with their rock 'n' roll stylings.

Nik Parr and the Selfless Lovers hails from Austin and is said to draw on classic rock, soul, blues, and southern rock influences. The band is made up of four key members, with Daniel Warner (drums), Keegan Flynn (guitar), Evan Durr (Bass) and Nik Parr, who writes the bands songs as well as vocals, piano and saxophone. The band has performed with many renowned bands as well as having had their music played on radio and Austin City Limits.

For the last time this summer I gave the band's music a listen to see where it would lead me mentally. The sounds of The Selfless Lovers feel like if Meatloaf and Elvis Presley had a musical baby, allowing them to perfectly mix together. The music is a perfect concoction of sounds that had me in such a blissful state of mind that I lost track of time while listening to music from all three of their albums.

The Selfless Lovers will play from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 18th, 2022 at the Buddy Holly Summer Showcase, located in the Meadows Courtyard at the Buddy Holly Center. Admission is free to the public. Outside food and beverages, chairs, picnic blankets and pets are not allowed.

More information about The Selfless Lovers can be found on their official website and Facebook page. You can listen to their music on YouTube and Spotify.

Texas Outdoor Musical

The Texas Outdoor Musical has been a time-honored tradition this musical was written by Paul Green in 1960 and it tells the tale of the Texas Panhandle.

People from all over the world have made their way to Palo Duro Canyon to see this amazing outdoor musical. If you haven't seen it or seen it in a while, you need to come to see it again.

Enjoy these photos of TEXAS, but to get a true experience you have to see it live with Palo Duro Canyon as the backdrop.

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