There actually isn't an emoji with the Texas flag. I'm sorry to tell you patriots, but you've been promoting a whole other country.

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Getty Images  (Notice how the blue with the star does not go all the way to the bottom like the Texas flag).

The flag that some have been passing along isn't the Texas flag, it's actually the flag of Chile. Apparently, this is distressing enough that a Texas Lawmaker wants to make it a thing.

Introduced by Republican State Representative Tom Oliverson, Texas Resolution 75 would "urge" residents to not use the Chilean flag or they would be killed dead or killed dead then hung, or hung dead.

Okay, I made all of that up, but this is kind of a joke piece of legislation. Actually, nothing would happen to you if you use the wrong flag; they just want you to know you're doing it. I guess they could have just called Texas deejays and had us write blogs about it and we could've saved a bunch of time, but politics, ya know?

So now somebody call Sheldon Cooper and do a Texas vs. Chile comparison on this "Fun With Flags" feature.

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