On Thursday, January 28th, Thai Pepper Restaurant will be open for a special celebration to honor the life of the late owner, Trakool, who died this year from complications with COVID-19.

The restaurant is inviting all of its long-time patrons to come and enjoy a free meal and simply asking for a donation in return that will go to Lubbock Impact, a local organization that helps the poor and poverty-stricken residents get back on their feet with food, clothing, healthcare, and all things in between.

Thai Pepper will only be open between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., and Trakool's wife and co-owner for Thai Pepper will be preparing meals until they run out of ingredients.

The menu for the day will only include a few of our favorites from the Lubbock staple, and the restaurant asks that customers please not ask for food modifications if possible to help the day run more smoothly. If you have a peanut allergy, however, they are more than willing to put them on the side or not include them in your dish.

On Thursday, you can choose from Pad Thai, Kool Special, Fried Rice, Cheese Wontons, Egg Rolls, and Chicken Satay, available for you to enjoy at no cost. But please consider donating the typical asking price, if not more. This restaurant has taken care of Lubbock for many years and has put love into every bite of food we've had the pleasure of eating. They ask that you limit one meal per person, but they will make an exception if you're taking one to someone at home. So be kind and do not ask for more than two plates.

Family, friends, fans of the restaurant and our local community raised over $17,435 on their GoFundMe page. Donations are no longer being accepted there as the goal was reached, but be sure to dig deep in your pockets and donate from the heart when you stop by for lunch tomorrow and help out those less fortunate in the name of Trakool.

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