Texas Technological College was approved by the Texas legislature in 1923. Now, 99 years later, Texas Tech University is preparing to celebrate its Centennial anniversary. Texas Technological College was rebranded into Texas Tech University in 1969, but that rich history started in 1923.

Texas Tech has grown into the largest University in the western two-thirds of the great state of Texas. Texas Tech also has the distinction of being the only major university in Texas with both a Law School and a Medical School. It also has a Vet School. The Red Raiders do it all.

After being approved in 1923, Texas Tech opened in 1925 with an enrollment of less than 1,000 and six buildings. The campus attendance is now much closer to 40,000 and way more than six buildings.

Texas Tech will celebrate its Centennial the next year as it's a major accomplishment and also a reminder that Texas Tech is fairly young compared to other major universities but is accomplishing things on the level of a much older university.

To celebrate the Centennial properly there are 30 Centennial events planned for the next year with the opening ceremony planned for December 2nd at the Carol of Lights. There will also be Texas Tech Day at the State Capitol, an event in Houston, days of service, and Arbor day will be involved. Next September 15th will be the Centennial Raidergate at Jones AT&T Stadium. Plenty of other events will happen before the closing ceremony happens at the Carol of Lights in 2023.

Not only can you attend the events that are planned, but they also have sick merch for the occasion.

Texas Tech has also provided some cool phone and computer backgrounds so you can let all of your nosey coworkers that you went to Texas Tech and it's the Centennial. There are also coloring pages and more. Hit the link here for those downloads.

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