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The entire Texas Tech University System is being sued by an Angelo State University Student in a class action lawsuit.

KAMC News reports that Peggy Bryan, whose legal team consists of lawyers from Texas, New York and Pennsylvania, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, July 20th.

The lawsuit says that it is on behalf of everyone who has paid or will pay tuition to attend any University in the Texas Tech System for in-person classes that were affected by COVID-19. It claims that the Universities retained the value of the tuition and mandatory fees but failed to provide services for which they were paid, moving all in-person classes to online.

It was also said that none of the Universities had made any refund of any kind in regards to tuition and mandatory fees since Spring of 2020.

Texas Tech has what's called sovereign immunity, which means that a government entity cannot be sued without the government's permission. The lawsuit is attempting to get around this by saying constitutional rights were violated. More specifically, the government cannot take property without due process, and the lawsuit asserts that TTU violated due process, saying that tuition and fees are a constitutional taking under the US and Texas Constitutions.

Texas Tech has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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