If you were to lose your class ring that had your great grandma’s antique diamond in it, I’m sure you would be pretty devastated. Well, that recently happened to a student at Texas Tech while he was at a lake in Austin for a bachelor party.

Fortunately, a scuba diving YouTuber with over 4.8 million subscribers was there and wanted to help find the lost ring.

The YouTuber is ‘Man + River’, and he has been making videos of his lake and river dives for around four years. The videos consist of him searching along the bottom of different rivers and other bodies of water to see what goodies people have dropped into the water.

Most of what he finds are sunglasses and various pieces of trash, but sometimes he finds some really valuable items.

This is where Doug comes in. Doug was at a Texas lake with some buddies, when his class ring fell off and into the lake.

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This isn't your typical class ring either. In the video the diver posted, Doug explains how special the ring is to him. He said how he had transferred from Texas A&M to Tech and had the ring special made with 14k gold and his great grandmother’s diamond.

I can only imagine how devastated he must have been to lose it. Fortunately, the diver wanted to help him find it, so he got set up with all of his scuba gear and started searching the bottom of the lake.

He kept on searching even after the sun went down, finding 10 pairs of sunglasses, some bracelets, and even a $20 bill. Eventually, after searching in the dark with only a metal detector and flashlight to see in the dark water, he found the class ring.

He brought everything he found back to the surface so he could show Doug. When he shows him the ring you can see all of the relief and joy Doug experiences knowing he has it back.

I feel like one of the basic rules of going o a lake or river is to not wear anything you're not okay losing. Always wear your cheap sunglasses, and leave the jewelry at home.

Hopefully, he learned to never wear the ring to the lake again so he won't risk losing it like he did that day.

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