I guess the good news is that there is only up from here for our beloved Texas Tech Football team. The loss this past weekend against Kansas was heartbreaking to say the least, but the silver lining in the streak of three losses is that the team can't look any worse, at least on paper.

The Big 12 Conference standings shows Texas Tech University at the bottom of the list with 1 win and 4 losses, with Kansas being the only other team to have the same record so far this season.

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I expect that the defense will tighten up their game and our offense will continue to crank things up as the season continues, but the road ahead is not going to be an easy one to travel since the Red Raiders are still scheduled to take on TCU and Texas University in November.

My hope is that the coaches are focused on these two games in particular and that the men in red and black will have a big upset coming for the frogs and longhorns. It is still too early to begin predicting what next season will look like, especially with some already calling for coaches to be cut, but I still maintain that the staff is failry new and working with a squad that is left over from the Kingsbury days.

It's not time to abandon hope or coaches, just yet, but we sure do need to talk about the fans that abandon the stands in the third quarter at home games... If anyone needs to be cut, it's those jerks, for sure!

To the losers who leave games early: Stand with your team, win or lose! Be proud, even in the face of defeat, because that's what loyal fans do. Otherwise, stay home and let someone who will stay until the final buzzer use your tickets.

To the Team: Enjoy the time off this week and come back ready to put a mighty smack down on the Mountaineers in West Virginia. Those of us who love you will stand by you no matter the score at the end of the game. Long live the Matadors!

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