Last night, Thursday, October 1, 2015, the Texas Rangers clinched their seventh playoff berth in franchise history. There was no celebration. This is not a time to exhale.

After being in dead last more than a month into the season, the Rangers have battled back to be in a very good position to win the division. The last time the Rangers were in the playoffs was 2012 when they lost a wild card game at home to Baltimore.

In 2013, the club missed the wild card by one game. In 2014, the entire team was injured and was replaced by a AAA roster. The manager also mysteriously vanished toward the end of the season to allow a short lived Bogar era. And in 2015, the book is still being written. But it's already a pretty good story.

How about we make it better?

To win the division, they will need to win one more game or have Houston lose one. A win tonight against Jerod Weaver would be awesome. The only thing better would be clinching

October baseball is back in Texas. 162+.

Hopefully tonight's playlist includes "Poppin Bottles" by T.I.

Elsa / Getty Images
Elsa / Getty Images

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