1 horsepower is all you need to get through the drive thru.

When I first moved down to Texas back in 2007, my friends honestly thought that people rode around on horses everywhere. Well, at least one guy rides his horse around town and even through the drive thru. Brian Doty is apparently the host of a TV show here in Texas called 'This is Country'.

You know what's pretty country? Riding your horse to Whataburger. Brian lives in the small town of Joshua, Texas just south of Fort Worth. Brian posted this video just under a week ago and already has over one million views. I imagine it's a bunch of people up north sharing the video going, "SEE I told you everyone rides horses in Texas.'

Well Brian, I hope the Whataburger was good for you and the horse. Can horses have Whataburger? These are the questions I need answered in my life.

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