TikToker Emily Gatske, a Domino's delivery driver in Texas, recently shared a video talking about a couple of different customers she’s had to deliver pizzas to. Unfortunately, these weren’t good customers that she’s dealing with and they actually made her "Domino's Delivery Wall of Shame" because of their actions.

While I like to think that most people are respectful to their delivery drivers, these examples of bad customers are great to learn from. Some people are simply mean-spirited and decide to take everything out on others, while some people might’ve never learned good manners. For those who might be struggling with their manners, you can probably take these bad examples as a learning experience.

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Both of the bad customers Gatske mentioned are considered bad customers because they don’t tip their delivery drivers. The first customer mentioned is apparently a regular with that specific Domino's location, but she never tips her drivers. The manager of that location even called her to ask why she doesn’t tip and explain how the drivers make most of their money from tips. The customer's response to that explanation was that it wasn’t her fault that she "went to school and they didn't."

I absolutely despise this way of thinking when it comes to tipping those in the service industry. Not only does the customer not know if the person catering to them has an education or if they might be working that job to pay for school, but if you're choosing to eat out or have food delivered, then you have to consider the tip to be a part of your budget for that meal. The only time it might be appropriate to withhold a tip is if you receive horrible service, but there's no situation where you don't tip because you simply think you’re better than the person delivering your food.

The next customer Gatske mentioned is the one who inspired her to make the video because of how ridiculous the situation was.

Gatske arrived to deliver the food and the customer was talking with her through the doorbell claiming that she was out of the house and asking Gatske to just leave the food at the door. Gatske asked her about signing the receipt because the customer didn’t leave a pre-tip, but the customer just said she wouldn’t be back soon enough and Gatske should just leave the pizza and go. Believing that the woman actually wasn’t home, Gatske left the pizza and went back to her car, only to see the woman picking up the pizza from the front porch.

When I heard that I was absolutely stunned. Who would go so far as to pretend they're not home in order to avoid leaving a tip? That woman obviously knows she's in the wrong because she could've just opened the door and not left a tip anyway, but she tried to make herself look like a better person by pretending she wasn’t home.

The moral of the story is that you don’t want to be these people. If you don't want to tip a delivery driver, then pick the food up yourself. You're not being clever or self-righteous by dodging the tip and making someone else's day worse because you don’t want to cough up a few bucks. Just be a kind person, tip your delivery drivers and stop thinking the world revolves around you.

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