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For some, getting into the Christmas spirit begins on November 1st and that means decorations and Christmas music begins to be played. For others, it's a time to defend Thanksgiving and the Christmas season doesn't begin until after Thanksgiving.

One bar in the Dallas area has decided to make a stand with those who will not listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. The bar, Stoneleigh P even has one song completely banned until December 1st, and that song is one of the favorites this time of year and throughout December. According to a reporter from National Review who tweeted out the picture with with a sign next to the bar's juke box, there will be no playing of Mariah Carey's, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You" during the month of November.

In December, the song can be played, but only once a day. According to the Washington Post, the General Manager of the bar doesn't hate Christmas, it's just that the song is played a little too much.

The bar did not immediately respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment, but the general manager told CNN that she did not “hate Mariah Carey and I don’t hate Christmas” but that the song is played too frequently, jarring the staff. She added that the sign was intended to be lighthearted and had been put up in the bar for the last few years.

Mariah Carey responded on Twitter with a simple picture.

Call it the War on Thanksgiving or the War on Christmas if you want. I'm here and ready for both. Who said you can't enjoy Thanksgiving while listening to some Christmas tunes?

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