Texas is a state full of so many unique places to visit. Whether it’s a landmark, restaurant, or a stunning piece of land, there are so many cool spots. TikToker @atasteoftexas currently has a series focusing on some of the most unique places in Texas, and Kim’s Diner in Waco, Texas made the list.

Kim’s Diner is a 50s style restaurant that will definitely give you a blast from the past. The diner is full of retro features including red checkered floors and those classic vinyl booths. The experience is complete with glass soda bottles, an Elvis dummy, and other vintage décor.

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We have something very similar to this in Lubbock, Texas called Holly Hop's Ice Cream Shoppe, and they definitely give me the same vibe. Holly Hop’s is also a 50s themed establishment, but they specialize in serving delicious ice cream. Both establishments would make for amazing photos if you wanted to dress up in your best greaser or pinup look and strike a pose.

As someone that loves the 50s aesthetic, I adore these kinds of places. It allows those of us that are too young to have experienced it for ourselves in the 50s a chance to see it now. It is also a fun way for people that did grow up going to diners like that to relive some of their younger days. Of course, I don’t know how accurate it all is because I wasn’t around to see it in the 50s, but I can only hope that it’s authentic.

You can find more information about Holly Hops and Kim’s Diner on their official Facebook pages.

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