Longtime NFL Films president Steve Sabol passed away Tuesday at the age of 69.

Steve, along with his father Ed Sabol, helped define the way the public viewed professional football and was one of the greatest story tellers of our generation.

Sabol confirmed last year, shortly before he introduced his dad at his Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony, that he was suffering from brain cancer.

No one could truly grasp the passion and professionalism NFL Films would grow into when Ed convinced the NFL to allow he and his 20-year-old son to be the official videographers of the 1962 NFL Championship game.

Pro Football Talk has a great write up on the life of Steve and here’s a little excerpt:

If you’ve enjoyed seeing super slow-motion replays, or hearing the sounds of players wearing microphones during games, or laughing at the blooper reels that began with “Football Follies,” you can thank NFL Films.

RIP Steve Sabol 1942-2012.

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