To the shock of many, Fox & Hound announced on their Facebook page that they were "closing for good" after 17 years. I don't know why they decided to close, but if I find out I will certainly update this blog.

Fox & Hound has many special memories for me, most of which centered around $2 pint night. You could get anything on tap, including my favorite - a Snakebite (1/2 Bass, 1/2 cider) for just $2. Everyone, especially "radio" people, hung out there. It's just down the street from the station.

Years ago, I could show up with a group of friends knowing that I would probably run into Ron Grant .Ron Grant is our dearly departed production director of many years and was the first person to get me interested in VO work, which is my life now.

There were nights it was impossible to get a single seat, let alone a table big enough for the 10 people you brought with you. The place was loud and smelled like cigars and it was really, really fun.

It was really the default choice for my group of friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but then I got kinda old and kinda responsible and going there made me depressed about Ron.

I had to go all the way back to MySpace days to find a picture of myself there. I must be 21 here. Incidentally, I'm wearing the coat of a friend whose dad was also in radio. It was "our" place, and now it's gone and I can't help but mourn it.

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