One of the reasons that I enjoy forecasting weather is to be able to plan ahead as much as possible for any weather events likely to impact my family's schedule.

I've been keeping an eye on the second weekend for this new year for about a week now since data began suggesting that it will be the first substantial weekend with cold air and precipitation impacting the region.

Today (Saturday, Jan. 4th) will be a great day to be outside enjoying the weather. Sunny sky, light wind speeds and mild temperatures will provide great conditions for completing outdoor projects or taking down holiday decorations. Normally, I wouldn't give such an advance warning regarding possible forecasts for a week away, but since the data does appear to agree on the much colder temperatures for next weekend, I thought I'd make sure that you knew what to expect.

Temperatures will be very cold across the region next weekend. Saturday afternoon (January 11th, 2020), temperatures will likely remain in the low to mid 30s.

KCBD Weather

The European model is favoring snowfall beginning as early as midnight along the TX/NM border. Accumulation amounts are likely to stay below an inch, but icy conditions are likely should the precipitation be available.

KCBD Weather

At this point, I wouldn't make any major schedule changes for next weekend, but I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on how the next few days develop in anticipation of what could be the first measurable snow event for 2020.