We have learned in recent months that there are many unexplained events and places in West Texas. Slaton is no exception. Have you heard the story about the ghost Camaro that has been seen outside Slaton and the eerie story behind it?

Christina Smallwood shared her story with me and it's out there. She says that about 20 years ago, a Slaton man killed his wife and children, then drove his Camaro off a cliff on this road outside of Slaton and killed himself. (Note: No police report has been found about this.)

Christina said that some time later she and her boyfriend were out driving this road late one night and saw headlights. They assumed it was a local farmer or someone else out driving. What they saw then changed their minds.

According to Christina, the car seemed to have the interior light on and that it drove past them and drove into the ground. The ground seemed to light up like the inside of the car, then the car disappeared, she said.

Christina and her boyfriend have been back out to this location several times and have seen headlights, but not an instance like this one again.

One night they were out driving in the same area and saw an entire pasture on fire. They called 911 and waited and no one ever came out, so they headed back into town. When they went back the next day, she said that nothing at all was burned.

I asked her if they had been hitting the hooch or the wacky tabacky when they were out there, and she said that they "don't smoke weed and only drink a little." But those incident sure made them want to!

Christina has other unrelated stories of supernatural occurrences that we will visit about later.

Strange? Yes. True? You be the judge. It's certainly true to Christina.


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