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Over the weekend we "Sprung Forward" by an hour and entered into Daylight Saving Time. Clocks were either automatically or manually moved forward by an hour. The time change is something most of us seem hate, yet we still do it, twice a year. Except for those in Arizona and Hawaii who have somehow figured a way out of the madness.
We have been changing our clocks for a while now even though there is really no reason to. And by the way, farmers were against Daylight Saving Times, so stop blaming them. It was created to save on energy although there is little evidence we even use less energy during the time change. That's really true now when lights are LED and we have smart devices.
And that brings us to the Sunshine Protection Act. Proposed by Senator Marco Rubio along with four Republican and three Democrat Senators. The bill would allow the United States to stay in Daylight Saving Time forever. And that sounds great to me. It makes sense. From March until November, we are in Daylight Saving Time. Taking a few months to jump back makes no sense.
To be honest, I don’t care if we fall back again or stay where we are. But let’s pick one and stop with the back and forth. It’s 2021, surely we can pick a time and stay with it right? If the feds can’t get the job done and I doubt they will, maybe the Texas Legislature can go for it and get this done. One way or the other, let's just stop with the changing of time.

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