The website team for The Rush Limbaugh Program has set up a page on the RushLimbaugh website where fans can offer their condolences and share photos with the Limbaugh family.

Visit, click the link on the page and fill out the form.

Rush Limbaugh passed away on February 17th at the age of 70 after battling lung cancer for the past year. He hosted the number one rated and most listened to talk show in America for over 30 years.

Mark Steyn, who hosted Friday's edition of The Rush Limbaugh Program, announced that Limbaugh's widow, Kathryn, will host the Monday, February 22nd edition of the show. Kathryn Limbaugh will take listener calls, answer listener questions and talk about her memories of Rush.

"On Monday, we will have a very special show for you," said Steyn as he opened Friday's show. "Don’t miss this. This is appointment radio. You will have the opportunity to ask Rush’s beloved Kathryn, the great love of his life, a few questions that maybe the rest of us can’t answer, not necessarily about the radio show and all the rest of it, but maybe what Rush was like when he was off the airwaves, things that only Kathryn will know."

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"She has been so generous, as you know, from that first terrible announcement at the top of Wednesday’s show," Steyn said. "In the midst of all her grief. Kathryn is a grieving widow, and no different from any other grieving widow, except that she has to share her grief with tens of millions of people in Rush’s great extended family across this land.

"And I'm sure that does not make what happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning any easier. I would imagine that it makes it, in fact, an awful lot more difficult. But Kathryn has been tremendously gracious and courageous and generous, and she will be here on Monday morning, and you will have the opportunity to call Kathryn," said Steyn during the first segment of Friday's show.

"On behalf of the Limbaugh family, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you that prayed for Rush and inspired him to keep going," said Kathryn Adams Limbaugh earlier this week. "You rallied around Rush and lifted him up when he needed you the most."


Rush Limbaugh's legacy continues with The Rush Limbaugh Program, weekdays 11am-2pm across Texas on many radio stations including: News/Talk 95.1 & 790, KFYO in Lubbock; News/Talk 94.7 & 1470, KYYW in Abilene; News/Talk 96.3 and 1290 in Wichita Falls and Texoma; News/Talk 1400 KTEM in Killeen/Temple and News/Talk 860 KSFA in Lufkin.

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