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Welp, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has caught the attention of the nation again, and once more is trending on Twitter with the hashtag, #BanTedCruz.

When your U.S. senator is trending on social media, you can't help clicking to find out why people are talking about him. I should have known it would cause me to facepalm and roll my eyes so hard it could be heard in the office next door.

Senator Cruz was apparently on an American Airlines flight on July 12th when someone decided to capture images of him within the terminal, and sitting on the airplane, without a mask.

You'd think that with the eyes of the world on our state because of the alarming rise of COVID-19 cases that our representatives would do better to set and encourage an example of personal social responsibility. But with Ted Cruz, that seems to be asking a bit much.

Or this is yet another example of a self-entitled politician doing whatever he wants to do because he thinks that he is above being susceptible to catching and spreading the novel coronavirus?

Ted, stop it and go back to the end of the line. You're embarrassing Texas and I can't help enjoying this response a bit much:

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