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One thing that we must all be aware of is that there are criminals attempting to steal information online every single day, and sadly they are getting better at tricking people.

Take this email below. It appears to be from a company called Shipt. Shipt is a real company, owned by Target, and that their real logo is featured in the email. If you've never heard of Shipt, it's a company that will ship goods to your home from grocery stores and other places. Another popular app like it is Instacart.

The email below, sent to a listener of ours who's never used or heard of Shipt, is a scam. It's a phishing scam that is hoping to capitalize on unsuspecting people who may or may not be ordering groceries online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has lead to an increased popularity of these types of apps and, in turn, it's caused an explosion in phishing scams.


The criminals are hoping that people read the email, become concerned and click on the link. If they're already a customer, they may thoughtlessly enter their information. By doing that, the scammer now has their information and possibly a credit card number. The scammers are also hoping that they scam someone who is confused, clicks on the link just wondering what it is, and then use their email and password to set up what would be a fake account.

Either way, it's better to be safe than sorry. If you receive an email from a company you don't use, that you weren't expecting or alleging a purchase you don't know about, it's best to just delete the email and go to the company's website to contact them directly. Also, be sure to check with your financial institution to make sure no such purchases were made.

The FTC has some really great examples of phishing scams and information on how to protect yourself. I suggest you read it and be careful what you click on.

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