The concussion controversy in the NFL is nothing to laugh at. Or is it?

Roger Staubach, the Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys great, made a joke about having had concussions while speaking at the National Football Foundation awards ceremony this week in New York City.

Yeah, maybe not the best subject, right?

Staubach said, "I had a chance to sit next to the commissioner of football, Pete Rozelle, tonight” before someone lets him know he made a mistake. Staubach then goes on to say, "Oh, excuse me, Roger Goodell. I apologize. I had six concussions in the NFL."

Making a touchy subject even touchier – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell laughed at it. And making it even touchier still is Staubach tells the audience Goodell gave him the green light to say it.

Oh, boy.

The concussion issue is so big that there’s a movie about it. The NFL has had problems before, but you’ve never seen Hollywood come calling to write a script about the two-point conversion, Ray Rice or the Cleveland Browns' incessant Cleveland Browns-iness (Draft Day actually made it look like the team had a clue).

If you're going to tease something hilariously ridiculous, then you gotta make a joke about Deflategate. Then again, Goodell actually suspended Tom Brady four games for his role in a scandal involving air pressure in footballs, so clearly that's no laughing matter.

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