I wrote recently about my struggle with weight loss and my work with West Texas Bariatrics. My interaction with the entire staff at West Texas Bariatrics has been top notch and working with them through my employer Townsquare Media has been really beneficial.

To that end, I had the chance to talk with my future surgeon Dr. Adam Purtell and Tiffany Willis from the clinic about the process of weight loss surgery, their impact on the Lubbock Community, and even their corporate partnership with Texas Tech.

In the podcast above we talked about the totally free seminar that West Texas Bariatrics holds every single Tuesday for everyone who's looking into weight loss surgery. We also talked about the process, my experience with the community at West Texas Bariatrics, and the importance of weight loss on your physical, mental and emotional health.

During the interview, I was struck by the number of people who are connected with the clinic. I don't use the word community lightly, either. When I posted originally about working with them, the number of people that reached out knowing someone who either worked at the clinic or had used them was astonishing. I'm sure there's a negative review out there, but in my experience, it's all been positive.

The weight loss, on the other hand, has not all been positive. Man, it's a tough process. As of August 18th, I've lost 156.6 pounds. Very important to note the .6. That's all with the goal of getting the surgery with Dr. Purtell and the crew at West Texas Bariatrics.

DisclosureRob Breaux is a compensated endorser of West Texas Bariatrics.

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