Listen to the full interview with Congressman Chip Roy below.

Congressman Chip Roy of Texas joined The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday evening to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act and pointed to two provisions that Roy blasted as unacceptable.

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The first provision opposed by Roy has to deal with the draft. Under the National Defense Authorization Act that was passed by the House, women would be able to be drafted into military service.

The bill is chalked full of all sorts of Green New Deal stuff, as well as diversity woke stuff, but put all of that aside there are reasons to oppose it. There are two provisions that are particularly troubling. One is a Red Flag Provision which would allow people to go after service members Second Amendment rights without due process. And number two, is a provision that would add women, our daughters our wives, our sisters, our mothers, to the selective service requirement if this NDAA is passed. Republicans should not do that. We haven't had any debate, we haven't had any real serious ability to amend or have discussion about this. There going to do this in the dark of night as part of this $800 billion dollar authorization. We all support our military but it shouldn't be a Christmas tree to pass garbage. This is why we can't have nice things, Chad.

The Senate has yet to pass it's version of the National Defense Authorization Act and any differences between the two versions will have to be ironed out. That is why Congressman Roy is being vocal in his opposition to the current NDAA. Roy told Hasty that any Republican that voted to allow women to be drafted, he would not support for leadership or President in the future.

Listen to the full interview with Congressman Chip Roy above.

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