If you were a child of the 80s like I was, then you remember Showbiz Pizza Place. It was located in Caprock Shopping center where the Dollar Tree and Rent-A-Center is now.

For a young child in the 80s, this place was amazing. I had my 8th birthday party there, and I still have fond memories of it many years later.

Of course, the highlight of Showbiz was the Rock-afire Explosion.

The Rock-afire Explosion
The Rock-afire Explosion! (Credit: Boleo/TSM)

According to Showbizpizza.com:

The Rock-afire Explosion is considered by many to be the greatest animatronic rock band of all time. In the 1980s it was synonymous with ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurants, for which it was specifically designed. Its combination of three full stages, incredible music talent, amazing cast of characters, and sophisticated animation have left an endearing mark on the hearts of its fans.

The Rock-afire Explosion has been relatively absent from the public's view for nearly two decades, however, a new interest has emerged because of the Rock-afire's presence on YouTube. There have been many blogs, printed articles, and a documentary film to commemorate this newfound interest in the Rock-afire Explosion band.

Well, this was a huge part of my childhood, but it didn't last long. Showbiz Pizza only lasted in Lubbock a couple of years before closing. Of course, another Lubbock venue would get The Rock-afire Explosion -- Pistol Pete’s. But Pete’s is a story for another day.

I got to take a tour of Creative Engineering a little more than a year ago and meet the creator of The Rock-afire Explosion, plus see some of the shows, both new and old. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Credit: TatDude806 aka Boleo on YouTube


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