Racer Classic Car Wash has announced free car washes for the day of Friday, April 5th, to celebrate their brand-new location in Lubbock.

The car wash is also asking for donations to help a Lubbock Police Officer named Felipe Flores, who was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. In a press release, the company said that Officer Flores "will be out of work for a while during his recovery, further treatments, and rehabilitation. Funds will go to the family to help in managing his care. Mr. Flores has been serving on the Lubbock Police Department since 2006."

Racer Classic Car Wash is providing free car washes all day, but only at their new location at Milwaukee Avenue and 67th Street. All free car washes will be their basic $8 wash. If you wish to upgrade your wash, you will be charged for the difference in price and that money will be donated to the Flores family.

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