I'm not just saying this because I want Texas Tech to dominate the Rebels on September 1st: The new Ole Miss mascot, Tony the Landshark, is terrible.

The Stanford Tree makes Tony the Landshark look like a bum. He's worse than Gaylord the Camel.

Here is a debut video for the mascot in question, Tony the Landshark:

Are you serious? lol. The look, the cold dead lifeless eyes, the spandex gray arms, the uniform foam head combo.

It couldn't be worse. What makes it even more terrible is that the idea started out great.

Texas A&M v Mississippi
(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

Some brief history, Tony the Landshark, is named after a former player and veteran that used the shark fin gesture to celebrate a good defensive play, as seen in the picture here.

It's a stretch, yes, and I don't think there are any sharks in Oxford, Mississippi, but Landshark as a term is cool AF. I don't care who you are, if a defense is named the landsharks and they are hunting as a pack smelling blood in the water, I'm all over that, but the execution doesn't even sniff that vision.

This is also the team, and school, trying to pivot away from celebrating a confederate general as their mascot. Say what you will about history and keeping the past in the present to remember it for the future, but there is absolutely no need for a fuzzy confederate general roaming a sideline during a football game.

Ole Miss tried a fuzzy Black Bear in a uniform mascot after they tanked the original mascot but it just didn't make sense. I guess there are more bears than sharks in northern Mississippi but it's still a dumb mascot.

The black bear, as bad as it was, is better than the Landshark. Just take another look at Tony. He's so bad.

Maybe its the monotone color scheme, but I can't quite put a finger on why it's terrible. It must just be a culmination of things that are preposterous. It looks like Bruce from Finding Nemo got a football scholarship.

The number one reason Tony the Landshark is so bad is the simple fact that the story behind the mascot is so much better than the mascot.

It's an instagram vs reality meme come to life.

It could have been so cool, instead it's a dead lifeless hybrid man-shark abomination.

Thanks Ole Miss.

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