Get your sunglasses ready.

On Tuesday, Nike revealed the Color Rush uniforms teams will wear when they play on Thursday nights.

The first game these brightly-tinted unis will appear will be this Thursday when the Bills and Jets square off. Ironically, those same teams wore Color Rush uniforms during a game last year in an experiment that failed because fans who are colorblind couldn't differentiate the teams. That problem has been squashed this season, since one team will wear white if the other sports a color that doesn't contrast with it enough.

Six other teams also wore them last season.

There are uniforms for all 32 teams in the NFL, although the Colts, Redskins and Lions won't actually wear them in games.

And because this is America and the NFL likes creating additional revenue streams, you can buy the Color Rush jerseys for yourself, which means no one will have problems spotting if the power ever goes out in your house.

Get a look at the uniforms below:

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