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According to our friends at Lubbock in the Loop, the folks that brought us Tikka Shack (6620 Milwaukee Ave & 2407 9th Suite 500) will soon open a Mediterranean-themed restaurant called Motomedi.

Motomedi will open in Lubbock's West End sometime this fall. It's fall already, so hopefully that means sooner rather than later. Although this is perhaps the most difficult year to open a new business since the 1930s.

I'll be honest, I'm a frequent Tikka Shack diner. If I decide to splurge on UberEats, it's nearly impossible for me to pick something that isn't as spicy/creamy/rich and yummy as Tikka Shack's coconut curry or tikka masala. And I could drink a Big Gulp of the mint sauce that comes with the samosas. And they have craft beer. It's like they asked me what I want in a restaurant and made it happen.

Mediterranean food, sometimes also referred to as simply -- and somewhat incorrectly -- Greek food, includes items popular in America, such as hummus, lamb or chicken gyros, meat and vegetable kebabs, roasted chicken shwarma, seasoned rice stuffed grape leaves and more.

Whether Motomedi will have these items remains to be seen. I'm hoping they will go a little beyond the usual, as there once was an amazing restaurant here in Lubbock that served greek seafood dishes and more exotic items. If you remember Z'ba, then you really are a Lubbock O.G. (original granpa, probably).

Good luck to Motomedi. If it's nearly as good as Tikka Shack, then they've got nothing to worry about.

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