1. BevoTV is rejected by Texas Tech

The ESPN/ Longhorn Network apparently came to Texas Tech air some non-conference football games this season and over the next few years. Texas Tech said no, but this is where we have ended up with BevoTV. Fan Sports Anchor Sean Cunniff wrote a great piece Tuesday morning on the 1340thefan.com and summed up the issue best saying,

"The feelings around the Big 12 are already negative enough towards UT and the Big 12 is a heartbeat away from collapsing, regardless of what the Dan “The Longhorn Puppet” Beebe says. Tech does not need to pair itself up with UT when all indicators point towards UT wanting to go Independent and A&M going to the SEC.

Lastly, can you imagine the backlash from Texas Tech fans and alumni when they hear they are forced to pay ESPN and UT to watch their Red Raiders play multiple games over the next few seasons?

That, alone, should be enough to keep Tech from taking this deal."

Texas Tech did the right thing and hopefully this nuisance won't be our problem after the 2011 season.

2. Texas Tech Football unveiled new uniforms

Texas Tech Football unveiled new uniforms and the reaction of most fans is apathetic. Tech will still have a plethora of uniform options , but lets hope there isn't any more white helmets. They don't look cool and nobody liked them. Get rid of them.

3. Real Madrid Signs a 7-year old to a contract

You read that correctly. The kid will be in their developmental academy under his 1-year contract, but this just isn't right. Even the dense Bill Plaschke of the LA Times gets that. This will hurt some people's perception of the game in America, but they will be the same people who glibly call soccer "Communist Football."