Another week, another fool caught on camera in Lubbock trying to steal from their neighbors. It makes me sick and sad.

I cannot emphasize enough that if you don't already have cameras, you should get some. My honey installed several after my SFX makeup kit was stolen out of my vehicle a year ago. Replacing all those items has been a slow and expensive process.

Prisci Gallegos, the victim, told that she chased the thief all the way to Broadway and Oak Avenue in her bare feet. That's about five blocks from her home!

She's my hero for standing up to this man. And the great news is that she got her grill back. I guess the guy got scared and left it nearby (he had a lot of difficulty moving it as you can see in the video). The guy is still out there, probably stealing other items from other porches.

I've said it once, I'll say it again and again: we have got to be good neighbors to each other. Watch your neighbors' houses. Let them know if anyone has been creeping around. We have to work together to stop the astronomical amount of property crime in Lubbock.


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