Life shouldn't always imitate art.

Officials at Detroit's Comerica Park ejected 45 men dressed as Tom Selleck's character from his 1980s TV show Magnum, P.I. on Saturday night.

The men were attending a bachelor party. Selleck, a Detroit native, is a big fan of the Tigers and his character, Thomas Magnum, often wore a Tigers hat and Hawaiian shirts.

Groom-to-be Joe Tuccini told the The Detroit News he and his friends were told to leave because they were catcalling:

I'll admit we were loud and obnoxious, but saying it was catcalling was an exaggeration. No one did. We just went to the game and had a good time and took pictures with whoever wanted. All of a sudden security asked us to leave and we didn't make a big deal about it."

The men also had to take a cardboard cutout of Magnum they snuck into the stadium. The Detroit Free Press reports the man were repeatedly warned about their inappropriate behavior.

Adding to the strangeness of the incident is the fact Saturday was Star Wars night at the stadium.

When you consider how badly the season has gone for the Tigers, you'd think they'd let anyone into the stadium, no matter how they act.

Now, we can't wait to see what happens if some team comes up with a Balki Bartokomous night.

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