A video is going viral around Facebook today of a woman addressing a group of men in Lufkin. The video does not show what led up to the verbal exchange.

UPDATE: It looks as if the video was pulled from Facebook and YouTube. The reason being that it "violated YouTube's policy on hate speech."

If you are logged in on facebook you can CLICK HERE to go to Darrell Thomas's facebook page. OFFENSIVE WARNING, can't stress that enough, there is offensive language.

Someone was tagged, and could be the man in this video, but at this time we are not aware of the names all of the participants.

There was a post on a local woman's facebook page, that has since been taken down saying that she was cleaning out her friends list. The comments on that post, and the comments on the video lead us to  believe that she is the female shown on the video, but we cannot be 100% certain at this time.

Comments, shares, and views of the video are reaching 1,000's with a majority of the people agreeing that they cannot condone actions such as this. This is not isolated to our town. News stories about racial slurs and events such as this are popping up across the country. Sad to report we are now on that list.

UPDATE: The video keeps getting taken down due to various reason. We uploaded a censored version to bypass the issue of the video "violating YouTube's policy on hate speeches."


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