Lubbock's 'Smiling Bush' has decided to help remind others to be hypervigilant during the coronavirus outbreak by wearing a personal protection mask. Scroll down to see the full picture.

Tracy Moreno of Lawn Pros has been working on the Smiling Bush designs for a while now, and this week he coordinated a neighborhood pantry swap to help those in need. The Smiling Bush is located on the northwest corner of the intersection at 58th and Indiana Ave.

On Tuesday, March 24th, Tracy and the crew from Lawn Pros changed the design on the Smiling Bush to reflect a sign of the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. It serves as a reminder to be hypervigilant during this crisis, even if it's virtually impossible for you to be impacted by the virus, because it's not about you, it's about the community.

Tracy Moreno
Tracy Moreno

Continue to follow the recommended CDC guidelines on social distancing, and wave to the Smiling Bush on your way by.

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