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Premiere Cinemas, located inside Lubbock's South Plains Mall (6002 Slide Road), is happy to be reopening this Friday, June 19th.

We had a great opportunity to talk to Premiere Cinemas Director Rudy Leal about how the theater is making movie-going clean, safe and enjoyable for us so we can return to chill out in front of the big screen with peace of mind.

They are the first indoor Lubbock theater to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, and they told us they're following every precaution to assure a safe and enjoyable movie-going experience for customers.

Not only are stringent cleaning precautions in place, but Leal said social distancing is carefully being set up with reserved seating. Customers are not being required to wear masks when Premiere reopens.

"We do encourage masks, but masks aren't required. They will be required for our staff," he told us.

There will be sanitizing stations located for all to access as needed throughout the theaters. All used seats will be thoroughly sanitized and wiped down between showings. Seating will also be carefully spaced out.

Reserved seats will have two seats on each side of their group blocked off to allow proper social distancing. Additionally, exiting at the end of the movie will be one row at a time to allow plenty of social distancing.

Many of the great movies we've been patiently waiting for won't be out until July 10th with the highly anticipated Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, the first one to be release to theaters. There's also Christopher Nolan's Tenet in July. However, now's the time folks can see some movies they may have missed over the past three months in quarantine.

"Another thing we're going to be offering in some of our small auditoriums, we're actually going to be offering a rental of up to 10 people," Leal explained. That way, if you're not comfortable going out to a public showing with folks you don't know, you and nine friends can pony up $75 (or $100 for popcorn for the group) for a little additional peace of mind.

Leal also explained that an employee with gloves and a mask will be giving you your drink and popcorn. Concessions will be somewhat limited for now as extra precautions are being taken. However, there will be popcorn, soda, candy and some good eats available.


"We're just trying to ease everybody, letting them know, we're definitely doing our part to keep this place clean," he said. You can follow this link to their website for more details.

Listen below to the great conversation I had with Leal. He covers a lot of ground, including more about upcoming movie release dates, special showings, and all the careful measures being taken at Premiere Cinemas to ensure customers' safety and peace of mind

Thank you to Premiere Cinemas for all you do. We appreciate you working so hard to be there for us, and look forward to going to the movies again soon!

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