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Lexi Ramirez, a teacher in Lubbock, recently posted a video caught on her Ring doorbell of her Halloween decoration being stolen.

Ramirez posted the footage, along with a photo of the life-size Michael Myers dummy that was the target of the theft.

In the doorbell cam's footage, you can see a man in a hoodie casually walk up to the dummy. He then snags Myers out of his chair and hurries out of the front yard, running down the street.

Fortunately, the footage is clear enough to see him take the decoration, but not quite clear enough to fully make out the man’s face. He looks to be fairly young, not very tall, thin and has dark facial hair. I’m sure if you actually knew him, you'd probably be able to recognize him, but the footage is not clear enough for a stranger to decipher.

It's so sad that people can’t even put out their holiday decorations without the fear of someone stealing them. One person commented on the post mentioning that they always bring their decorations inside past midnight because they've had multiple things stolen.

I don't know why this man decided to steal Michael Myers from this home. Whether he wanted it as his own decoration or is planning to sell it, this is just ridiculous. People should be able to celebrate holidays by decorating their homes without the fear of having their belongings stolen.

If you recognize this man or want to help figure out who it is, then I'm sure Ramirez would appreciate the help. No one wants to see the things they work hard for getting snatched right out from under you.

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